Located in Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, set on the Route Verte bike path between river and fields, close by Beaumont-St-Michel summer theater and Moulin de Beaumont.

La Maison Verte Couette et Café is an old farm house that kept its heritage.

Built around 1860, it sheltered several families and generations before it became a B&B in May 2016.

Featuring 3 bedrooms with private bathroom, the house reveals a refined country-style decor, a soft and cozy atmosphere and personalised touch of its owners. A refined and hearty breakfast is served every morning.

Savour the view, fields, river and mountains, look at the sunrise and sunset, relax in the gardens and enjoy country life and its little pleasures.

Be tempted, fall for your feelings. You deserve the pleasures of La Maison Verte!


Jeffrey P. Favreau

Ambiance creator

Jeffrey was born with decoration in his blood. From proud parents caring for their house and children, he grew up discovering his passions – environment, atmosphere and decoration.

After decorating and redecorating his own childhood bedroom for the umpteenth time, he started to practice for relatives, friends and people around. From word of mouth, his career begun in his area.

In the field of decoration, Jeffrey is self-educated. Learning occurs through observation, interior visits and magazines.

Decoration isn’t static. It’s alive, moves continuously and evolves all the time. Everything is suitable to inspire. And the more it’s moving, the less dust settles.

His style – country style decor.

His philosophy – Creating, renovating, reusing, reinventing, recycling before throwing or buying new. A piece of wood can become a shelf, an old door transformed into a table, a window into a frame, a workbench used as a counter. Ideas emerge… and with a touch of paint… voilà.

His best friend – chalk paint, a « must » to add style to objects and furniture, saving many steps.

Mario Guillemette


With a professional background and adviser to business clients, he is naturally involved in paperwork of the B&B.

Beside his Cartesian mind, Mario spends his free time enjoying hobbies bringing him far from rational but towards creativity – gardening, cooking, painting and all kinds of crafting. « Creating brings closer to oneself. It gives life to life. »

Everything is prone to creation – a doorknob made from river wood, hook made from an old faucet, toil inspired by a napkin, fur coat to do pillows and sheets to do curtains.

In the field of creation, Mario is self-educated too. People can learn to cook, to paint, but hardly to create. Creativity emerges when given the chance. It could be developed when inspiration happened, using the feeling, tasting, daring to finally hope that it comes from inside when it’s least expected.

His style – Bright colors and contrasts.

His philosophy – Creating, renovating, reusing, reinventing and recycling. Here we join to 100% (fully).

His best friend – Freedom.

You’ll be able to see their signature and way of living in every corner of the house when visiting the B&B.